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Ulla feels secure at night with remote controlled supervision

Ulla Björkman is 96 years old and lives alone in one of Karlslund's charming small houses. She is one of the municipality's residents who has opted for remote controlled supervision.

Remote controlled supervision means that Ulla has a web camera installed in her bedroom, instead of home help personnel coming there at night. The camera films her for about 30 seconds on a couple of occasions each night, and a professional alarm operator monitors the film.

The idea for a camera in her bedroom felt strange to start with, but now Ulla can't imagine a better solution.

“At first I absolutely didn't want to have a camera in my bedroom, but now I absolutely don't want to have anything other than a camera. If I had the home help service at night I would probably lie there awake waiting for them and wouldn't get much sleep. I don't even notice the web camera”, she says laughing.

The municipality has been offering remote controlled supervision since 2014 and those that have installed the camera are very satisfied. Some people report that previously they would wake up when the home help personnel came in the door, and then not be able to get to sleep again. The remote controlled supervision gives both people receiving care and their relatives a secure and undisturbed night's sleep. “But then suddenly one night there was a man standing in the room and I was really frightened. He quickly explained that the camera wasn't working and that he was going to fix it. And actually that demonstrates that the system works as it should”, Ulla says.

This is how it works

The remote controlled supervision consists of a web camera that comes on for 10–30 seconds on one or several occasions each night. A professional alarm operator monitors the care recipient during the times selected. If the alarm operator detects that something is not as it should be, the home help service is called out. “You decide yourself which times the camera should be on, and it always records for a maximum of 30 seconds. So it doesn't record all the time”, reports Åsa Trolle at Östersund municipality.

Remote controlled supervision is free of charge and a complement to the regular supervisory visits.

Would you or a relative like to try out a night camera?

Contact: The Technology and Service department which can also can answer questions about remote controlled supervision.

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