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Community care and services

Providing care, support and help to the elderly and disabled and other members of the community who are in need of various forms of supportive resources is a substantial and important part of municipal operations.

Home Help Services

Home help consists of two types of service. You can receive help with your personal care and hygiene — e.g. help to shower, dress and take your medication. You can also receive help with housework, shopping, washing as well as with odd jobs in the home.

Allowance for home equipment/adaptations

Disabled people can apply for municipal grants/allowances for home equipment or for suitable adaptations to be made in their home. Grants can be acknowledged for measures/equipment, which can facilitate disabled people´s everyday living, e.g. by making it easier for them to move around their home, sleep better, take care of their personal hygiene, cook and eat food and be able to get out and about.

Applications for allowances/grants should be attested by an occupational therapist or other specialist. Allowances/grants are acknowledged to people irrespective if they own or rent their home. Home adaptations of rented or building-society flats must be approved of by the landlord.

Special Housing

Special housing is the common name for various types of homes for people requiring substantial community care services. The right to rent this type of home is granted following a specific personal inquiry. People requiring substantial and permanent care and help, which can not be provided by home help services, are granted special housing.

Home Nursing

If a person is in need of medical/nursing care following an illness or accident and is unable to visit the local health centre, either her/himself or with an assistant then nursing care can be provided by a nurse from the community care services. Occupational therapists and physiotherapist are available for help with rehabilitation, providing means of assistance and physical training.

Fully qualified medical care staff, in consultation with the person in question, decide if home nursing is needed.

Transportation Services

for the Elderly and Disabled Transportation services by taxi or/and other adapted vehicles is a complementary service to public transport. Transportation services are granted to people who, due to a functional disorder would not be able to use public transport without enormous difficulty, or to those who can not use transport themselves at all.

Functional disorders must be of a permanent character or be assessed to endure at least 6 months. Permission for using the transportation services is granted by benefit/grants administrators and is always time-limited.

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