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International cooperation

Co-operation with other cities, regions and countries has become an increasingly important feature in the Municipality´s work.

International Strategy

An international strategy has been developed and implemented. The aim of this strategy is to indicate direction, aim and priorities. The strategic development areas for international work are:

  • Increased power of attraction and sustainable growth
  • Increased knowledge of, and participation in, international issues among citizens
  • Increased co-ordination with the business sector and social economy in international issues

The Brussels Office

The counties of Jämtland and Västernorrland run a joint office in Brussels — known as the "Mid Sweden European Office". Mid Sweden European Office is the region´s vehicle for watching over a number of prioritised political issues determined by the region. Within this frame-work, the office works with influencing the process of decision-making in the EU, ensuring that the region´s interests are taken care of.

Sundsvall, Östersund och Trondheim

The three cities of Sundsvall , Östersund and Trondheim (in Norway) have been in co-operation since 1999 and have recently presented a joint strategy for future co-operation. They have chosen to focus on 3 areas:

  • Development of the infrastructure and sustainable communications
  • Development of adventure/experience enterprises
  • Development of skills/competence and knowledge

Creative city of Gastronomy

Östersund and Jämtland has been appointed gastronomic region by UNESCO´s Creative Cities Network. The award is a confirmation of the high level of gastronomy and artisan food in Östersund and Jämtland. The network aims to stimulate the development of the world through cultural exchanges within the seven categories: literature, film, music, popular culture, design, "media arts" and cuisine/gastronomy. The network consists of cities all across the world, for an example Melbourne (literature), Seville (music), Chengdu (gastronomy) and Berlin (design).

Twin Towns

The aim of twin town co-operation is essentially to broaden horizons and support international friendship. It´s a matter of learning to understand other countries through acquiring a close contact with a town/district in another country. Hopefully this contact will help to contribute to peace and friendship. A twin town co-operation is a special relationship between two municipalities. It is all about nurturing a strong desire to share experiences, exchange ideas, become friends, visit each other and co-operate through discussing common interests.



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