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Labour market


Östersund has recently undergone a large structural transformation when the state, in 2006, closed the garrison. A 350-year era of military presence in Östersund ended.

1 500 jobs were lost - a staggering blow to a city the size of Östersund. But from the chaos arose vigor and determination and today we see very positive results of this great societal change.

Government authorities

Östersund was compensated by the movement of government authorities here. Amongst other things, a competence cluster has developed in the areas of analysis and investigation. In addition, many stakeholders moved here and created a wealth of jobs in the field of public health. For example, in sports medicine, occupational health, leadership, lifestyle issues, orthopedics, and research on social welfare challenges.


In Östersund business, the municipality and the university cooperate, in order to further improve our society’s development and well-being. Mid Sweden Science Park is the region of Jämtland’s meeting point for knowledge-intense companies, academy and entrepreneurs that are able to see possibilities in new techniques and business. The foremost example is Peak Innovation that through business development and science, support companies to develop new products and services that contributes to increased growth in tourism, sports and outdoor activities.



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