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The municipalitys organisation

The Municipal Counci

The Municipalitys citizens elect the Municipal Council politicians. The Municipal Council acts in principle as the Municipalitys “parliament" and makes all general decisions. There are only four full-time employed politicians in Östersund, the rest are politicians on a voluntary basis.

The Municipal Executive Committee

The Municipal Council appoints the Municipal Executive Committee to manage running activities. The Committee functions as the Municipalitys “government" and is responsible for carrying out the decisions made by the Municipal Council.


The Committees are comprised of politicians and have specific areas of responsibility. Their most important task is to itemize the general targets stipulated by the Municipal Council to their specific areas of responsibility.

The Committees steer activities by setting political targets, which the various administrations or private entrepreneurs shall live up to. The Committees are responsible for following up and ensuring that the work that is carried out actually does lead to the target.

The Various Administrations

The various Administrations are comprised of employees. They carry out the work stipulated by the politicians. The Administrations are divided into different fields of activities. An Administration is usually subordinate to a Committee, but can also be directly responsible to the Municipal Executive Committee.



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