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Your future - The municipality´s agenda


Agenda 21, Visions for the year 2025 Östersund Municipality

As early as 1993 the Municipal Council in Östersund decided to produce a local Agenda 21. Visions spanning the years up until the year 2025 were conceived, with the help of local inhabitants.

These visions, now focusing on 2040, have been revised in consultation with local residents and are a manifestation of what the citizens of Östersund want for their city in the future. The important thing is that all of Östersund´s citizens are aware of and support the visions and that we all do everything in our power to achieve them.

The local Agenda is intended to act as an instigator and means of assistance in the long-term process, which the development of a sustainable community entails.

We will most certainly be influenced by what is happening in the world around us — the threat to the climate, e.g., is global. In Östersund the traffic causes the most of our fossil carbon dioxide emissions.

There is a challenge to be met to become exempt from fossil fuel and consequently, in the long-term to become neutral to climate changes. Another considerable challenge concerns our attitude to consumption and life style. Knowledge is imperative for being able to make the correct environmental choices and involvement and participation are important issues in the work being carried out to achieve a sustainable community.  

Agenda 21 folder in englishPDF (pdf, 485.7 kB)



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