Adult education via Lärcentrum (Learning Centre)

Lärcentrum is a part of Östersund Municipality and is responsible for all municipal adult education in Östersund Municipality.

As an adult student at Lärcentrum you can study courses and programmes at upper secondary level as well as ­­basic adult education, both practical and theoretical. Lärcentrum also offers courses in Swedish for immigrants (SFI).

You can complete your elementary or upper secondary school education, learn Swedish, broaden your professional skills or obtain qualifications to study at college or university.

What is municipal adult education?

Adult education is for people who have no, or incomplete, elementary or secondary education, or qualifications for further studies. The aim of municipal adult education is for you to enter the labour market. You can study adult education from 1 July in the year of your 20th birthday (16 for SFI).

More information is available in a range of languages at about what adult education is in Sweden and what different forms there are.

Depending on which background you have in terms of previous education, for example from your home country, and what your language skills are, we can help you in various ways, for example, with SFI, adult education corresponding to Swedish elementary school level or adult education corresponding to Swedish upper secondary school level.

This is how Lärcentrum can help you

Lärcentrum primarily helps in showing you routes to study options, and our aim is for you to enter Swedish society more quickly and in the long-run to be able to support yourself.

Contact Lärcentrum

Lärcentrum is located in central Östersund at Kyrkgatan 47. We are open for drop-in on Mondays and Wednesdays between 13.00 and 16.00. At other times you can book a visit to us.

If you want to book a visit, you can either call 063-14 30 00, or send an e-mail to

These are the study advisers you can meet here:

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Porträttbild på Inger


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This is how we show you the route to study options

Lärcentrum helps you through what is called study and vocational guidance. This means that you talk to one of our study advisers about, for example, educational and vocational options. The aim of study and vocational guidance is to provide you with the prerequisites to enter the Swedish educational system.

We assist with, for example, information about studies and financial study support, programmes and qualification requirements.

We can also help you through a so-called guidance interview, where we discuss which support you need and your specific prerequisites. We can also assist with an individual course of study, or plan for your final certificate or upper secondary diploma.

SFI – Swedish for Immigrants

Lärcentrum is the route into your studies in Swedish for immigrants – SFI.

SFI is a basic course in the Swedish language for those who do not have Swedish as their mother tongue. You also learn about Swedish society, working life and Swedish culture.

To study SFI in Östersund you must have received a full personal code number, be over 16 and registered in Östersund Municipality.

You apply for SFI by completing an online application. If you need help completing your application you can contact us.

Online application for SFI

Funds while you study SFI

You cannot obtain a so-called study allowance from CSN to study SFI. Recently arrived refugees can study SFI with an introduction allowance. If you are receiving another form of benefit, for example from the social services, the social insurance office or unemployment benefit, you need to ascertain what applies before you start studying.

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