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Frequently asked Questions and Answers

When should my child stay at home from preschool or compulsory school?

Answer: We are following the Public Health Agency’s guidelines which say that symptom-free children can go to preschool and that symptom-free pupils still have to go to compulsory school. This applies even if there are persons with symptoms at home.

To reduce the risk of contagion, guardians, pupils, and staff need to be vigilant for symptoms including:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Respiratory problems
  • As well as lighter symptoms like a sore throat, rhinitis (runny nose), and muscle and joint pain.

Children and pupils with such symptoms must stay home. If the child shows symptoms at school, the teacher will contact the guardian to send the child home as soon as possible.

The recommendations apply to all children and pupils, whether you have been travelling before getting sick or not.

What does the ban on access to the municipality’s school premises mean?

Answer: There is a prohibition on visiting in the municipality's preschools/after-school centres/compulsory schools/special education schools. Only authorized persons may be in the premises. Authorized persons include children and pupils, persons who pick up/leave children, and persons who have work to do in the premises.

  • It is up to you as guardian to decide for yourself who is best suited to pick up and leave your child.
  • All other persons are banned from the premises for the time being. Our schools will stay open until another decision is made.

Will libraries remain open as usual?

Answer: Yes, all municipal libraries will remain open as usual, for now. If the situation changes there will be information on this website and on

Will baths remain open as usual?

Answer: Yes, at present they remain open. The baths will remain open till further notice, unless the national guidelines state otherwise.

How can I get help to buy food, hygiene products, medications, etc?

Östersund Municipality has launched an e-service and a telephone number where people in at-risk groups can report any needs for shopping assistance.

If you can use the e-service, we encourage you to do so. It is only available in Swedish. If you cannot use the e-service, please call the number below.

If you do not speak Swedish, ask someone you know who speaks Swedish to help you place your order.

Once you have signed up through the e-service or telephone number, your request is forwarded to the Red Cross. They will then contact you to find out what you need help purchasing.

Using the e-service is free of charge. You only pay for your goods using Swish or invoice.

Please avoid visiting our Customer Service Centre - contact us by phone or e-mail instead

Due to the Corona virus situation, we kindly ask our citizens to principally contact us by phone or e-mail. Please avoid personal visits to the Customer Service Centre at Österäng.

How to get in contact with us

If you yourself do not speak Swedish or English, perhaps you can ask someone else to help you make an appointment.

The person who helps you does not need to know why you want to get in contact with the municipality, but he or she can still help you make an appointment. The municipality will then get back to you via an interpreter.

This service mainly applies to matters relating to financial welfare or questions about preschool and school allocation.

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