Information for Refugees from the War in Ukraine

We are so sorry for what is happening in your country and your current situation as refugees. We hope that you feel safe here and that you will get to enjoy life with us in Östersund.

The City of Östersund is the local public organisation in charge of schools, care of the elderly, community planning, culture and leisure, etc.

The city and other organisations will help you to live as normal a life as possible. Together, we make sure that you have access to healthcare, that your children may go to school and preschool, that you have an opportunity to learn Swedish and to understand Swedish society. We can also help adults to find work.

Contact Information

Customer Service (Kundcenter)

At Östersund City's customer center, you can always get support and advice. We also help you get in touch with the municipality's other activities.

You can get advice and support from our Customer Service (Kundcenter).

We speak Swedish and English and can also arrange interpretation services.

The telephone number is +46 (0)63-14 30 00. Email or visit us at Rådhusgatan 21 in Östersund.

The Swedish Migration Agency

The Swedish Migration Agency is responsible for admitting refugees to Sweden.

Their telephone number is 0771-235 235. The nearest office is in Sundsvall. Address: Sjögatan 17.

The Swedish Police Authority

If you need to call the Police urgently, call the Swedish emergency number 112.

Sweden is not a safe haven for war criminals - To those who have been victims or have information - The Swedish Police Authority


Region Jämtlands Härjedalen is respon­sible for all publicly-financed healthcare in Östersund. Call 112 if a person’s life is in danger and you need help straight away.

The Swedish healthcare guide 1177 can be found at where know­ledge and services about health­care topics are gathered. Call 1177 or +46 771-11 77 00 if you or some­one else gets ill and you need to talk to a nurse for advice.

General information

Stay in Sweden

There are several ways for refugees from Ukraine to stay in Sweden. You can:

  • obtain a permit under the Temporary Protection Directive (TPD)
  • stay in Sweden for up to 90 days without applying for a permit
  • apply for asylum

We recommend that you obtain a permit under the Temporary Protection Directive. It will make it easier for us to help you in our municipality, and ensure that you and your family have your rights respected. Then you are entitled to:

  • accomodation
  • work
  • seek medical care
  • school and preschool for your children
  • a daily allowance

Apply for the permit under the Temporary Protection Directive via the Swedish Migration Board

Support and advice

You can get advice and support from our Customer Service (Kundcenter). If you have a TPD-permit, it will be easier for us to help you.

Apply for long-term housing

The municipality of Östersund offers accommodation to refugees from Ukraine who are already in the municipality, but who currently live with private individuals. If you:

  • have come as a refugee from Ukraine
  • have a residence permit according to the Temporary Protection Directive
  • live with a private individual in Östersund municipality

please contact us for help with long-term accommodation.

Contact our Customer Service (Kundcenter). Tell us that you want more long-term accommodation.

You can then go to the Integration Service, who coordinates accommodation needs. Depending on the availability of housing and the applicant's needs, the time it takes to get housing may vay. Our goal is the process to be quick.

Work in Sweden

If you hade obtained a permit under the Temporary Protection Directive you also have the right to work in Sweden. However, if you are here on a tourist visa, you are not allowed to work.

Apply for the permit under the Temporary Protection Directive via the Swedish Migration Board

If you have the TPD-permit you can start looking for work here in Sweden. The National Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen) can help you. They have an office in Östersund.

The City of Östersund can also provide support, for example through our Integration service, labour market matching coordinator and Innanförskapsakademin (IA). You can contact our Customer Service (Kundcenter) for help. They can give you information on how to reach the Integration Service and the labour market matching coordinator.

Integration Service

At the Integration Service you are asked to register. It is optional, but if you register it is easier for us to reach you with information and offers that can be useful for you.

Labour market matching coordinator

The Labour market matching office can help you find a job that suits you and your previous work life experience. They will match an employer´s vacant positions with people who are looking for work. Contact Customer Service and they will help you connect with the matching coordinators.

If you urgently need money

Are you waiting for a deci­sion on resi­dence permit and daily allo­wance? Or have you not yet registered with the Swedish Migration Board?

If you do not have any money of your own, or lack a place to spend the night you can turn to our Customer Service (Kundcenter) for help. At our Customer Service, we assess your situation and what support you can get.

Get around in Östersund

Östersund has a well-developed network of city buses. The lines connect at the bus station where you can choose a new line for onward travel if necessary.

There are many walking and cycling routes.

Walking from the bus station/centre to Jamtli takes about 15 minutes.

Walking from the bus station to the Customer Service takes about 10 minutes.

Learn Swedish

Swedish for immigrants (SFI)

We offer you education in Swedish for immigrants. To get started, you need to register.

Sign up for the Swedish for Immigrants course

Lärcentrum is responsible for the education "Swedish for immigrants".

If you have questions about the training, you can email

Learn Swedish solo studying via YouTube

On YouTube you can find 20 lessons on how to learn Swedish. The videos have subtitles in over 70 languages.

YouTube: Learn Swedish - Five words a day

Language training

Language training is a collaboration between the Red Cross and Östersund's library. Here, the Red Cross volunteers will help you with the Swedish language.

We are open on Mondays from 15:00 to 16:45 and on Thursdays from 17:00 to 19:00. Welcome!

You find us at Östersund's library which is located at the address: Rådhusgatan 25.

Lessons in Swedish via Folkuniversitetet

Folkuniversitetet is an adult educational association that offers a wide range of adult education all over Sweden. Folkuniversitetet offers lessons in Swedish for those who come from Ukraine. The teacher speaks Ukrainian, Swedish and Russian.

More information about Folkuniversitetets lessons in Swedish Pdf, 181.2 kB.

Contact Folkuniversitetet for more information:

Child care and school

Preschool for all Ukrainian children aged 3-5 years

Children aged 3-5 are entitled to 15 hours of public preschool per week, even if you are not working or studying.

If you are working or studying, you are entitled to preschool for your child aged 1-5 while you are working or studying.

To get a place in a preschool, an application must be made to our Customer Service.

School for all Ukrainian children aged 6-16

The City of Östersund offers all Ukrainian children, aged 6 to 16, schooling.

You may apply for any school in the city, but we recommend that you apply for a school near your home.

You need to submit your application to the city's Customer Service.

The child will be offered regular schooling, along with classmates at her/his age, by trained professional teachers.

The school will supply study guidance in Ukrainian, as well as Ukrainian language studies for one hour each week (provided that Ukrainian is the child's mother tongue).

About the Swedish school for new arrivals - Swedish National Agency for Education

Upper-secondary education for young people between the ages of 16 and 20

Young people who have finished compulsory school may choose to continue studying in upper-secondary school, which is voluntary and free of charge. The upper-secondary school primarily consists of national programmes and introductory programmes. For young people with a development disorder, there is the special-needs upper-secondary school, which is a four-year education.

About the Swedish Upper-secondary Education - Swedish National Agency for Education

Upper-secondary Education in Östersund

Meeting places

Östersund Library

Östersund Library is located in the centre of the city, next to the bus station. Here you can borrow a computer and find a selection of books in many different languages and easy-to-read English.

There is a large children’s section with storybooks and fun games. The library has a café.

The library is located at: Rådhusgatan 25.


The Church of Sweden is the largest church in the country. They have several parishes and meeting places/churches in our municipality. You are welcome to join their community.

On Sundays at 11.00, there is normally a high mass in the main church in the centre of Östersund.
There you will find information about the church’s meetings and activities.

You find the main church (Stora kyrkan) at the address: Rådhusgatan 45.

Café Tingshuset

At Café Tingshuset you can eat good food, meet nice people and simply be in a cozy environment.

Here you can play games, do crafts in the studio, borrow a book or participate in activities that the organization Hello Stranger! arranges. Activities like dancing, football, crafts and a whole lot more. (in Swedish)

You find Café Tingshuset at the address: Samuel Permans gata 13

Meeting places arranged by other organizations

Café Integration

Café Integration is an established and much appreciated gathering point that is arranged at the Equmenia Church. There are people there who speak Ukrainian and Russian.

We meet on Saturdays from 14:00 to 16:00.

You find the Equmenia Church at the address: Stuguvägen 18.

Ladies Villa

Ladies Villa is a place where women from different countries meet to practice Swedish, socialize, needlework, have coffee and learn more about the Swedish society.

We meet on Mondays at 13.00 - 16.00 in the Equmenia Church.

You find the Equmenia Church at the address: Stuguvägen 18.

Youth Recreation Center for all children aged 10-18

The City of Östersund welcomes all Ukrainian children and youths, aged 10-18, to the Recreation Center "Torvalla". There will be staff on site who speak Ukrainian if necessary.

Visiting the center is free of charge. We focus on spontaneous activities, such as playing video games, watching movies, dancing, doing crafts, socializing or just simply relaxing.

Opening hours for ages 10-12 years

Monday-Friday: 1PM to 5PM

Opening hours for ages 13-18

Tuesday-Thursday: 6PM to 9PM
Friday: 6PM to 11PM
Saturday: 6PM to 11PM

Contact Information

Phone: 070-348 36 55

Torvalla Recreation Center is run by the the municipality of Östersund and is located at Nävervägen 23.

Sports and leisure activities

Get advice on activities from Visit Östersund

Here in Östersund there are many opportunities for an active life. Visit Östersund has gathered information about many different activities that you can do in Östersund. You can, for example, visit nature reserves, swim at Storsjöbadet adventure pools or find special activities that are suitable for children.

Activities - Visit Östersund

Activities for kids - Visit Östersund


Jamtli is a museum area just west of the city centre. Jamtli consists of an indoor museum with exhibitions, and an outdoor museum with historic houses and farms.

Jamtli offers exciting exhibitions, fun family activities, live role-playing games, beautiful park areas and live animals such as cows, horses and goats. Jamtli is one of Östersund's biggest tourist attractions.

Admission is free if you show your Ukrainian passport and/or your UT card.

You find Jamtli at the address: Museiplan 2.

Activities arranged by other organizations

Activities through the organisation Hi Stranger!

"Hi Stranger!" an organization that offers health boosting activities free of charge and open for everyone. The organization was founded in Östersund (Sweden), in 2013, and has developed a health oriented integration method that thousands of refugees and swedish citizens have taken part of throughout the years.

On Hi Stranger!s website you will find important information about their activities. You don't need to speak swedish to participate, we learn as we go! You also don’t have to notify anyone that you’re coming - just show up! Welcome!

Frequently asked questions and answers

Who in the municipality can answer questions?

It is our Customer Service (Kundcenter). They speak Swedish and English and can also arrange interpretation services.

Can I apply for refugee status at City of Östersund?

No. You do that at the Migration Agency. The nearest office is in
Sundsvall. You can travel to Sundsvall by train or bus. You can also apply digitally.

Apply for the permit under the Temporary Protection Directive via the Swedish Migration Board

If you haven’t applied yet, please do so as soon as possible!

I feel mentally ill. Who can help me?

I Sverige är det sjukvården som ger hjälp och stöd när man mår psykiskt dåligt och behöver professionell hjälp.

Region Jämtlands Härjedalen is responsible for all publicly-financed healthcare in Östersund. They have health centres and hospitals. There you can meet doctors who will help you.

I have not been vaccinated against Covid-19. What should I do?

Contact your health care provider. Get vaccinated as soon as possible. It is free of charge.

Vaccination against COVID-19 -

I get scared when I hear planes and loud noises. Do they fly over Östersund?

Yes. Civilian aircraft have their approach over the city. They descend low to land at the airport on Frösön. This can happen several times a day and even late in the evening.

Civilian helicopters belonging to the ambulance flight and the police often fly into the city's airspace and then land at their bases. Privately owned helicopters also fly in the airspace.

Sometimes the Swedish Air Force exercises over the city. This is unsual.

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