Publicerad 2022-03-03

The outdoor warning signal will be tested as planned on Monday March 7th

The outdoor warning signal that is used to announce a “VMA” – an important public announcement (IPA) is tested four times per year, and the next regular test takes place on Monday March 7th at 3PM. IPAs are used to announce accidents, serious events, or disruptions of important services.

The signal is tested to make sure everything is functional, and to train the people who manage the system. On Monday, the signal will be heard at 3PM. At the same time Swedish Radio P4 will broadcast information about the test.

Due to the current situation in Ukraine, there may be reason to spread information about the upcoming test, as to not cause unnecessary worry, among those who do not know that this is a regular, scheduled test.

It can be especially important to let children know about this signal test.

Here is a Youtube clip of what the signal sounds like:

Here is more information about IPA (VMA):

Emergency warning -

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