Information for those who are Exposed to Violence

Are you/have you been beaten by your partner? Has your self-esteem been damaged by verbally abusive statements? Are you allowed to socialise with whom you want? Does your partner control the finances in your relationship? Were you/are you being forced to marry against your will? Do you have children who are experiencing the same situation as yourself?

Violence can be psychological, physical, material, financial, sexual or latent. It can also be honour-related. The Centre Against Domestic Violence helps women, men and children in Jämtland Municipality who have been/are experiencing violence in close relationships. We offer:

  • Long or short term individual counselling based on your needs
  • Help to process what happened, think about and make difficult decisions
  • Practical help, such as finding and contacting other authorities, such as income support, family law, law enforcement, victim support services and others
Together, we set future goals, create strategies and ways to achieve them. Calls are free and confidential. You can call to book an appointment yourself or to speak to someone for advice, though this can also be booked via a social worker, healthcare professional or the police.

We keep no records or journals, so one can remain anonymous. According to the social services act, we are obliged to report a situation where children are at risk for maltreatment.

Advice for those who are Exposed to Violence

  • Keep a diary - make a note of the date when your partner beats/threatens you and/or your children
  • Tell someone
  • Get medical care
  • Contact the Police

If you must leave home, have these items readily available

  • Identification/other important documents for you and your child/children
  • Proof of bank account, credit card etc.
  • Key to your residence
  • Important phone numbers
  • Important things for your children, like stuffed animals and clothes
  • Important documents, prescription/medicines
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