UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy

Östersund and Region Jämtland Härjedalen are a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy. We were awarded this title in 2010 by the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN), and so far we are still the only region in Sweden to have the distinction. This says a lot about our fantastic food creators and our amazing artisan foods. In fact, it says nothing less than we are Sweden’s most flavoursome region.

Person holding a plate with food at the 2016 UCCN conference in Österund.

Photo: Roger Strandberg

We were honoured as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy because we work actively with, and take a long-term perspective to small-scale, artisan food creation. The foundation of our artisan food culture is all the enthusiastic, creative food fans in the region farmers, chefs, restaurant owners and culinary entrepreneurs. Another major driving force is Sweden's national centre for food crafts, Eldrimner, which provides knowledge, support and inspiration to chefs and small-scale food producers in the region, the country and the Nordic countries.

Östersund is the place for everybody who loves exciting food experiences. It has both culinary art and locally-produced foods of the highest quality. And if you want to experience the Jämtland flavours of clean, fair and truly good food, this is exactly the place for you to visit. Welcome to Östersund and Region Jämtland Härjedalen, a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, Sweden’s most flavoursome region.

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