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Imagine living in a city among the mountains. A city and countryside that offers fantastic views all year round. In Östersund we do it. Here we work together to create a welcoming, versatile and innovative place that can continue to grow. We do not have to choose between a career and an active leisure time, but easily catch up with both. It's our everyday life - share it with us. Welcome to Östersund!

When you live here you don't need to go on holiday to experience genuine outdoor life or enjoy the mountain world.

Much in Östersund revolves around the vibrant outdoor life, all year round. But there is also a warm interest here in cultural life, clubs and associations.

Moreover, Östersund is a city in development with a great belief in the future and new districts emerging.

Bild på människa i motljus som sträcker sina armar mot skyn

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Move to Östersund - in nine steps

Get a residence permit

This is almost always step one, the Swedish Migra­tion Agency (Migrationsverket) handles issues relating to immigration, visas, permits and citizenship.

As an EU/EEA citizen you are entitled to work and live in Sweden without a permit. But if you stay longer than three months (which you do in case of immigration) you’ll need to register yourself with the Swedish Migration Agency.

EU/EEA citizens residence permit - Swedish Migration Agency

Citizen of non EU/EEA country residence permit - Swedish Migration Agency

Register with the Tax Agency

The most important requirement as a new resident is to register with the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket). This registration process (folkbokföring) ensures you’re added into the system for tax collection, personal identification, marital status monitoring, mailing address information and insurance purposes.

By registering with the Tax Agency, you will be assigned a unique personal identification number, 'personnummer' (similar to the British National Insurance number).

Your legal identity in Sweden hinges on this key number and it is used for everyday official tasks such as opening up bank accounts and getting paid by your employer.

EU/EEA citizens register with the Swedish Tax Agency

Citizen of non EU/EEA country register with the Swedish Tax Agency

Get an ID card

Once you’ve got your personal identity number, obtaining a Swedish identity card (identitetskort or ID-kort) from the Swedish Tax Agency is a logical next step.

A Swedish ID card is your primary form of identification around the country. It is used for opening bank accounts, using credit cards, picking up packages from the post office, and at doctor's appointments – naming just four examples.

Obtaining a Swedish identity card (identitetskort or ID-kort)

Registering for social insurance

At Försäkringskassan you can get registered for social insurances. To receive benefits from Försäkringskassan you will have comply with certain regulations. When applying for benefits you must therefore provide information to Försäkringskassan, who in turn assesses this information and decides whether or not you are entitled to the benefits.

Försäkringskassan register for social insurances

Get a Swedish driving licence

If you’re planning to drive in Sweden, check up on whether you can use your current licence (körkort) or if you’ll need a new one. Familiarise yourself with Swedish road rules, signs and parking regulations.

I have a drivers licence - Transportstyrelsen

After one year as a resident, you are usually required to obtain a Swedish driving licence. For that, you contact the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket).

Obtaining a Swedish driving licence - Trafikverket

Learn Swedish

Learn Swedish solo studying via YouTube

On YouTube you can find 20 lessons on how to learn Swedish. The videos have subtitles in over 70 languages.

YouTube: Learn Swedish - Five words a day

Other ways to learn Swedish

Find a home

There are numerous options available in Östersund Municipality – in the heart of the city with views of mountains and the lake, or perhaps the other way round, live in the countryside with a view over the city. You can rent, buy or build your dream house.


You can rent ‘first-hand’ or ‘second-hand’ in Sweden. First-hand (första hand) means you sign an agreement with the owner of the building, while second-hand (andra hand) means you sign an agreement with someone who owns the flat or has the first-hand contract on the flat.

The largest property owners in Östersund:
Property ownersTelephone numbers
Rikshem010-70 99 200
Attacus Fastigheter AB063-55 67 02
HSB063-18 32 18
Norells Fastighetsförvaltning063-13 82 00
Riksbyggen0771-860 860
Rydells Fastighetsförvaltning063-10 33 60
Storsjö Förvaltning AB063-57 14 90
Storsjöhus AB063-12 43 25
Wikstrands fastighetsförvaltning063-18 32 18
Östersundshem AB063 14 04 00
Diös0770-33 22 00

Housing for students

If you are moving to Östersund as a fulltime student at Mid Sweden Unicersity or Higher Vocational Education you are offered a housing guarantee by the Östersund Municipality.

Student housing (in Swedish)

Student accommodation - Mid Sweden University

Buy a house

Several new housing areas are emerging in Östersund and there are also several places in the municipality which offer more rural housing.

Here you can find accommodation ads and contact information for real estate agents:

There are various housing services online which can be of assistance if you want to find housing in Östersund municipality:

There are also, for example, groups on Facebook which many people use to rent out or find housing in Östersund Municipality and Jämtland. One such group is ”Kakas bostadsförmedling i Jämtland!”.

Find a home in Östersund - Leva i Östersund

Find a job

Arbetsförmedlingen (the Swedish Public Employment Agency) is the authority responsible for helping you to find a job.

Visit the Arbetsförmedlingen's website (available in several languages)

Would you like to work for Östersund Municipality? We are constantly looking for new employees within a range of occupations.

See all vacant jobs at Östersund Municipality (in Swedish)

Work and living in Sweden

Daycare or school

As a newcomer to the municipality, we want to make it easy for you to find the right childcare and schools. Regardless of whether your children are small or large, it is important that you get information quickly and easily about what alternatives are available.

Preschool and school in Östersund

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Contact our Relocation guide

If you want more specific advice, job tips or good contacts before the move, you can contact our Relocation guide Jessica Stenbäck. You can reach her by phone +46(0)63-14 35 95 or by

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